Starlight Dance Academy


Starlight Dance Academy offers a wide range of classes in dance and preforming arts for all ages, from 2 years to adult.

All classes are held at Starlight Studios just outside Brackley.

We are sure that Starlight runs a class that is suitable for your child and we offer their first class free so they can give it a go with no commitment.

At the Starlight Studio, we run a growing number of adult fitness classes, including Body Conditioning, Salsa Fit, Total Barre Fitness and Kid’s Body Blast. Find out more at: Starlight Fitness.


Ballet is a classical subject teaching grace, poise, strength and technique. This subject is the foundation for all dance styles. Starlight offers Ballet for all ages with classes graded by age and ability.


Modern dance helps students to increase their flexibility, improve posture, and grow stronger and more graceful. Modern dance uses up to date music and styles providing students an energetic and fun class.


Tap helps students to develop rhythm, coordination and timing as well as allowing them to make music with their feet. Tap is available for all ages.

Boogie Boppers

A fun and sociable class aimed at pre-school age children and their parents. Introducing basic modern dance steps through music and stories.

Baby Ballet

This dance class introduces elements of ballet through the use of stories, music, and props. The first ballet steps are taught but the focus is on fun.

Gym Dance

A gymnastics based style of dance. Students learn balance and strengthening moves as well as some stylish gymnastic tricks.


A fusion of ballet and jazz dance styles. Lyrical is strongly influenced by ballet as its flowing movements use the whole body and focus on extending the body’s lines. Dancers use emotion and movement to show the meaning of the music.

Street Dance

An energetic class that teaches funky and dynamic moves to popular music. Students learn dance moves, rhythm, and choreographic skills while developing performance confidence. We also run a boys only class.


While ballet teaches you to ‘pull up’, contemporary dance teaches how to relax and loosen up the body. A contemporary dance class is a great way to let go and express yourself through dance.

Young Performers

A musical theatre class incorporating song, dance and movement. Ideal for boys and girls 7+ years.

Performing Stars

An introduction to performing arts including song, drama and dance. Boys and girls welcome age 3 - 6 yrs.

Twinkle Taps

An introduction to tap dance teaching the basic foundations of rhythm and technique. Boys and girls age 3 - 6 yrs.